Ideas, collaborations, contributions, networking

“We need to develop a way of thinking capable of seeing objects as linked together instead of separated”

Working by projects is very important in our approach.
Through collaborations and participation, at a local and broader level, we can enrich our knowledge and skills, spread words on cyclelogistics, and improve the know-how and the quality of service.
As a cooperative, we believe it is essential today to pursue the well-being of our business by, at the same time, caring about the context we are all a part of: the city, global health, sociability, and the environment.
The 2030 agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals is a reference to us, these goals in particular:

  • 8. Promote a lasting and sustainable economy, and decent work for all
  • 11. Make cities and urban settlements resilient and sustainable
  • 12. Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns
  • 13. Combat climate change and its consequences.

The Light City

A circuit of shops and city companies that use our service for deliveries and shipments, in support of the sustainable mobility project, open to commercial realities, associations and citizens.
The light city is an image of breath, of less pressure and less stress, of recovery of relationships, of time and of urban spaces, of support for neighborhood communities.


We are participating in the creation of an urban community cooperative in the city of Florence, with the aim of intervening in some critical issues in the city, making our skills available and networking creative subjects with projects of social utility.

Erasmus +

A trans-national project with the aim of creating a platform/application with an interactive training course to train e-bike and e-cargo bike drivers in the numerous and different possibilities/accidents/inconveniences they may encounter during work.

Our final goal is the creation of an educational and training place, centered around bike culture in the contemporary world: providing logistics for shops and companies; services for citizens; projects for schools and groups; tools; events.

Thanks! To authors, characters, people that we have met or studied, which helped us understand our vision and shed lights upon our road. Can’t name all, here are the most important: Omero, John Dewey, William S. Burroughs, Carlos Castaneda, Lucio Battisti, Jerzy Grotowsky, Ivan Illich, Sebastiano Vassalli, Peter Hammill, Edgar Morin.

Our Partners

Presentation | Degrowth Budapest 

CycloLogica attached one poem per week to each delivery during the 2020 March-April hard lockdown period:
Canzoncina Ottimistica | For the Children | La Grande Dea | Ricetta della Felicità