Those who have been working for a long time in the field of human and environmental sustainability – in deeds more than in words – have not seen in the spread of the Coronavirus an enemy from outside to make war on us … but rather a product of the unbalanced and harmful way of life in which we have been living for more than 60 years.
CycloLogica implements all the measures required by the various protocols, at work and in relationships, with a dose of common sense.

Syndemia in Vocabulary – Treccani

Syndemia s. f. The set of health, environmental, social and economic problems produced by the synergistic interaction of two or more communicable and non-communicable diseases, characterized by heavy repercussions, in particular on the disadvantaged population groups. That is, a set of pandemic pathologies not only health, but also social, economic, psychological, models of life, use of culture and human relationships.
Unlike the pandemic, which indicates the spread of an infectious agent capable of hitting the human body more or less indiscriminately with the same speed and severity everywhere, syndemia implies a relationship between multiple diseases and environmental or socio-economic conditions. The interaction between these pathologies and situations strengthens and aggravates each of them.
This new approach to public health was developed by Merril Singer in 1990 and adopted by many scientists in recent years. It allows you to better study the evolution and spread of diseases along a social, political and historical context, in order to avoid the analysis of a disease without considering the context in which it spreads.
The world must be cured, not only by the epidemic, but by the plagues that preceded it and caused it to explode: rapacious capitalism, neo-colonial imperialism, religious fundamentalisms, neglect of natural resources, neglect of future generations.