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” The bicycle offers us a world in which joy of life and respect for all are finally priorities: cycling as a new humanism.– Marc Augè –

The Brisken Amateur Sports Association was founded in 2013 by people aimed by the desire to explore the many forms of cycling today: health, sport, mobility, lifestyle. our project is based on a set of knowledge and practices and sees the bicycle as a means of cultural and social renewal. For us, the bike is a bridge between the person and the world: it allows a balanced, sustainable and human-sized experience. Augé’s phrase perfectly expresses our goals.


  • Proposing a healthy non-competitive physical and sporting activity
  • Promoting cycling among children and young people, and for adults and families
  • Helping grow up a car-free generation, in mental approach and habits..

We aim to create a permanent center for education on bike culture, specially addressed to younger generations. Leggi tutto

Cyclist, our definition: Cyclist is a person with a light approach to himself and the world. The cyclist wants to explore himself, the others and the surrounding: the bike transmits this. He is therefore careful to keep healthy his body and his person, the environment and our home: the Earth.

Yearly programs:

  • Brisken schola – Bike training courses
  • Io con gli Altri – Summer camp
  • Città CicloPoetica – Mobility programs and bike tours
  • Due ruote piene di energia! – Programs and workshops for schools and others.

Extract from our statute
“The main purpose of the association is the promotion of sport to people of any age, ethnic or religious affiliation, as a pedagogical and cultural tool, with particular attention to younger generations; specifically in the discipline of cycling, as the bicycle today is also a lifestyle, regarding health, ecology, environmental protection, sustainable travel and tourism: a means for social and cultural renewal”. Leggi tutto

Asd Brisken, Via De Querci 8, 50142, Firenze; CF: 94225210486 – – Tel: +39 3809991666

In a fun and playful way, we practice bicycle and cycling along with contents as health, education, mobility, environment.
We welcome all children: able-bodied and disabled, to whom the bike can be an important tool for participation and socialization.
We focus on the pleasure and natural competition of young people as a stimulus to get to know each other and improve themselves, recovering the values of sport for all.
We start from the age of 3 with a specifically designed approach to balance and the first pedaling.


  • Bicycle: starting, skills, group activities, techniques and styles
  • Strengthening self-esteem and confidence, team spirit
  • Body, health, commitment, resistance to effort
  • Basic mechanics and knowledge of the vehicle, history of the bicycle
  • Safety; cycling in the city, sustainable mobility
  • Cycle tours in interesting places for children and families
  • Promoting the use of cargobikes for adults and families
  • Liquid routes: creation of maps, tours and cycle routes.

Training grounds
Track and circuits in the Uisp La Trave space in Via Dé Vespucci, Argingrosso Park

Playful-educational space for children from 3 to 10: activities focus on cycling, outdoor play, relationships with others and active participation.

The most dynamic Summer Camp in town!

THEME: I take care: of myself, of others and of the places we live.
We are all part of an environment and personal and collective well-being depends on the daily deeds of everyone. Practicing Sustainability as a daily attitude for healthy and natural lifestyles.
In summertime children want to play and feel freer. In a light and playful way, we create an intelligent and fun environment where acquiring new experiences and new friends.

Playing in open air; cycling practice: exercises, skills; care and maintenance; bike tours in town and around; community games; non-competitive sports; theater, painting, music, manual skills; guests; Pool

The bicycle: sport, culture and lifestyle

Objectives – To promote the practice and culture of cycling to children and to adults and families
Promoting the various use of the bicycle, as it happens in different parts of Europe.

Activities include:

  • Promotion of bike-to-school and bike-to-work trails
  • Promoting the use of cargobikes for adults and families
  • Creation of maps, tours and cycle routes, in the city and outside.

“Where do you come from, stranger, along the sea and its liquid trails?” asks the Cyclops to Ulysses when he sees him and his men in his cave.
Ulysses and his soldiers were scattered around the world in search of their home (their peace: a normal life) after the end of the Trojan war. These men will have to travel multiple “liquid trails” in search of the right one.
Also, they will have to act in harmony with the unwritten laws of the relationship between men and the Gods. Leggi tutto