We take care of goods, people and the City

We came up in 2013 as Asd Brisken, which deals with bike culture education. CycloLogica starts in 2016, with the same soul, on the model of similar companies in Europe. We mobilize goods in a sustainable way. Develop ideas and actions for a more livable city. Leggi tutto


“To grow a strong and robust tree, its roots need to be very deep”

We believe in:

  • Sense of place: belonging to the history and culture of a territory
  • Work done “a regola d’arte” as in the best Italian tradition
  • Adequate proportion of the Company, with a circular structure, not a vertical one
  • A balanced use of technology: the tool in service of the person, not the opposite
  • Human potential and the possibility of self-realization in a healthy working environment
  • That the words education and culture are fundamental in any activity.


Develop cyclelogistics according to the needs of the people and the city


Collaborate to sustainable solutions in urban logistics


Promoting the use of light and alternative means for urban mobility


Identify, a fair contractual path, and update occupational safety for workers.

We believe that the logistic and cultural parts together, can build an innovative cooperative business model centered on human resources, a resilient economy, sustainability; and that this can benefit the cities where we live and the relationships we interweave daily.


A team of different ages, experiences and energies, balancing ideas, passions, ambitions; is the HMB factor: Heart, Muscles, Brain. One thing is common to us all: we pedal! To stay on the ground, into the real world, and because best ideas come when on the move

Carmine Arvonio

amministration & projects

Pietro Pucci


Francesco Arvonio

order & couriers

renato scapecchi


Alessio bon

"ganna" - chrono-courier

luis castro


andrea sanna


angelo quispe


To aspiring partners or couriers we ask: interest for the project, a good psychophysical condition, knowledge of the city, passion for cycling, friendly human relationships, some abilty of self-management and sense of group, computer skills, smile.